Quarry Products

KMC Quarry Products (Pvt.) Ltd

Initially, business operations of Quarry Products were performed under the name of "Kapila Metal Crusher" which was a registered proprietorship. The business was incorporated as a limited liability company in the year 2014, having operated nearly 20 years in success. Now it operates with three large scale modern crushing plants at Siripura, Palatiyawa and Nochchiyagama. The total production capacity of these plants is 45,000 cubes per months.

We Undertake ….

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Multi-storey Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Complexes and Individual Designed Houses
  • Industrial Buildings, Warehouses and Factories
  • Hospital Buildings
  • Irrigation and Land Drainage Work
  • Land Reclamation

KMC Quarry Products (Pvt) Ltd

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Fax: 027-2225981

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